Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Real Catholic Comeback

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris .. coming to you from Auckland New Zealand. We’re in
New Zealand on our way to Australia .. invited to stop over here by a group of wonderful Catholics.
There is no doubt about it. Authentic Catholicism is on the way back. The shell-shocked faithful .. reeling from decades of liturgical abuse .. homosexual clergy sex abuse ..liberal abuse and every other abuse .. are finally finding their footing and their voices.
The Traditional Latin Mass and communities advancing it are growing in number, while
the failed liberalism of the past 50 years is fading.
Seminarians are vibrant .. orthodox and eager for battle.
The young in the Church are traditional .. committed .. and orthodox beyond compare.
There is in the Church a new and energized Catholic Counter-Reformation .. only this
time, it’s not battling Protestantism outside the Church as in the 6th century .. but
Protestants disguised as Catholics INSIDE the Church.
There is a growing force largely among the laity .. but even now beginning to reach up in to the ranks of priests and the even the episcopate that has been persecuted enough by liberal progressive theological dissidents in authority positions in the Church and these young turks are on the march.
They are meeting up with each other on the internet .. collecting together mainly in Latin Mass communities ..exchanging notes and stories .. being confirmed and supported by one another and realizing what they always knew down deep .. they aren’t crazy, despite being told so over and over by whack priests and feminist nuns.
The Faith they have held onto .. sometime by a thread IS the authentic faith .. despite how much some liberal catholic university professor has mocking denigrated it. The future is with the Truth .. the authentic Faith and its adherents. This is why there is so much resistance to the Traditional Latin Mass in the old liberal circles .. because the old aging and tired heretics realize that the with the Latin Mass also comes the authentic theology behind it. They don’t want to hear the Church’s teachings on Hell and sexual impurity. They don’t want to hear about the supremacy of the Catholic religion over all others. The One True Faith is the last thing these liberal wolves want talked about. They have spent the last 40+ years trying to kill and squelch and choke of all that truth .. and for a long while .. it looked like they were going to succeed. They were drunk with glee.
And then a funny thing happened. As the party was roaring away .. and the eulogy was
being delivered over the body of Holy Mother Church .. She suddenly sprang to life ..
again as She has so many other times in her glorious and Sacred 2000 year old history. The modernists in the Church had sought to marry her to the world and as the world changed .. had hoped to change the Church as well. They fought desperately .. poured every ounce of energy into Her disemboweling that they could.
They have mustered every ounce of energy they can to eviscerate Her and Her truth.
They have trotted out every new and novel invention their minds could conjure up.
They have tried the gospel of social justice .. liberation theology .. an un paralleled string of abuses at Mass .. denial after denial and excuse after excuse for authentic Catholic teaching .. ecumenism run amok .. smearing of faithful Catholics .. disregard for Our Blessed Lord in the Eucharist .. both in teaching and manner of reception. There isn’t a weapon in the modernist arsenal which has not been hurled at the Church ..and yet .. as they party over Her .. their laughter is about to be turned into mourning. She is alive again .. returning to full vigor .. just as Her Master did on Easter Sunday. As GK Chesterton has wonderfully observed in his book The Everlasting Man .. the Church has appeared to be dead, has in fact, died at numerous times in history. But just as the funeral party commences .. She suddenly springs up from the dead ..unable to be held bound by Death.
Now this may not be totally visible for everyone in the Church at this moment .. but it IS happening. Just as a pot of milk set on boil never seems to even getting hot .. then all of a sudden with no warning .. begins boiling over the edge .. so too the Church is primed for a total and full recovery from the bed of death on which She has been lying for all these many years.
Young men .. young women are somehow discovering a faith that had been denied to
them for all their tender young lives. Older faithful who have kept silent and mournful vigil are having the glow of young faith light up their eyes once more.
Do not despair my fellow Catholics .. that many of the old guard still have immense
power and authority in the Church and exercise against the faithful. Their days are
numbered and their churches are emptying out.
And the more honest among them know this. It’s why they have in some ways become
even more hostile .. because they see their life’s work going up in smoke before their eyes. Pray for them .. but do not succumb to them.
The future belong to the Faithful .. to the traditional Catholics .. to those who believe in God .. His Son and the Church He personally established .. His Bride. Hell has worked its worst from the inside. Game up.
All over the faithful Catholic world .. the sense of all this is very strong. So raise your drooping spirits. On continent after continent and in group after group .. Easter morning is finally dawning.
Reporting from New Zealand ..
GOD Love you. I’m Michael Voris.(

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