Sunday, April 22, 2012

"All eyes on America" by Michael Voris

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris .. coming to you from Auckland New Zealand. We’re in
New Zealand on our way through to Australia .. invited here by a splendid group of
Catholics very much in love with the Faith.
One of the continuing and curious observations we make in various international travels
is the extent of knowledge that non-American Catholics have about America. And not
just useless or trivial knowledge .. but down in the trenches cultural and political
I’m surprised on every trip we take .. although I suppose by now I shouldn’t be .. at the
exacting detail that faithful Catholics in other parts of the world have about the United
Excluding the accents .. which are pretty cool by the way .. you’d swear you were talking
about America in AMERICA. They know the names of US congressman .. good and bad
.. the various pieces of legislation winding their way through not just Washington DC but
also in various state legislatures as well.
They know the players, the motives, the agendas, the whole drama. And of course, they
are very very keyed into the current show down between Obama and the Church. And
they are paying very close attention.
When we were in Nigeria in January and the Philippines in February .. we said that
faithful Catholics all over the world were paying very special attention to the political and
social climate in the united States and following affairs with a very keen interest.
That’s in part owing to Obama’s ongoing efforts to spread his evil and diabolical agenda
of abortion, contraception and sterilization to their nations through coercive government
financial aid.
But since those trips just a couple of months ago .. the degree of interest has increased
even more. The battle between the Church and the State has become pitched now .. with
the promise that it will become even more so.
Those increased tensions and the hardening on each side has captured the attention of
faithful Catholics the world over. That attention increased even more when Cardinal
Raymond Burke announced last week that laws like the Obama mandate were evil and
had to be resisted by Catholics.
And a strange confluence has emerged surrounding Cardinal Burke. He is of course
American .. and it is America where the battle royale is being slugged out. About six
weeks ago there was internet chatter about Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York being
the first American Pope.
This was due largely to the address he gave before the Pope and an assembly of the curia.
And while that blog speculation was all fine and good .. the name that keeps popping up
everywhere .. and I do mean everywhere .. when the conversation turns to that of a
possible American pope .. is Cardinal Raymond Burke.
Its no secret that back in 2004 US presidential elections .. when Catholic in name only
abortion loving democrat John Kerry was running against George Bush .. then archbishop
of St. Louis Burke declared publically that he would not distribute Holy Communion to
catholic politicians who supported abortion.
This brought him much criticism publically and not a little privately from fellow
American bishops. Well since that time .. the Holy Father called him to Rome ..
appointed him head of the Apostolic Signatura .. the Church’s canon Law court .. has
appointed to him to other very important posts in the Church .. including having a
significant say as to who should be named future bishops.
Burke travels the world stressing the need for adherence to the Magisterium .. obedience
to the Church .. loyalty to the Holy Father and the recognition that if we have to be
martyrs for the Faith .. then so be it.
This past Easter .. he stood beside the Holy Father concelebrating Easter Mass and now ..
from the depths of the rumor mill in Rome .. his name has emerged as a leading candidate
to become head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith .. the Church’s
department that safeguards orthodoxy. It’s the same office that Cardinal Ratzinger held
for 25 years before becoming Pope Benedict XVI.
You can rest assured .. that if Cardinal Burke became the head of CDF .. there would be a
blood letting on the part of heterodox and dissident Catholics unseen since the priests of
Ba”al danced around the altar trying to call down lighting from their false god to
consume their offering. By the way .. Elijah .. their nemesis .. eventually orders them all
slain. They knew how to handle enemies of the truth back in the day.
And as we said .. just within the week .. Cardinal Burke publicly supported his brother
bishops in the United States against Obama’s tyranny .. but he added this caveat about the
bishops ..“I believe they would say it along with me that they are doing no more
than their duty. A bishop has to protect his flock..”
And that perhaps summarizes as much as anything .. why it is Cardinal Burke’s name that
keeps popping up in conversations all over the world as the first American most likely to
be Pope .. if that ever happens.
These are indeed strange times .. and there is a sense in the faithful Catholic world .. that
we are hurtling toward something we do not yet fully understand .. but do have some
vague premonition of. And for reasons unknown to us . it appears as though the
American scene is going to have a major role in this unfolding drama.
In many ways . America is much like the Roman Empire .. cultural masters of the world ..
economic might – however much that might be fading – the sway of cultural Imperial
America is felt everywhere in the world. So the battle is forced and has moved the center
stage. American churchmen .. leaders and laity are deeply involved .. and public enemy
number one of the Church is none other than the American leader himself .. Obama.
We Catholics have seen all this before. From Nero on down. Satan has gone back to his
old playbook of using the might and force of the state as a weapon against the Body of
Well .. as history has proved time and again .. that’s a losing play. And this time .. it
looks if the whole world will witness it first hand and American Catholics will be right in
the thick of it .. in the US AND in Rome.
Reporting from New Zealand ..
GOD Love you. I’m Michael Voris.

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