Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Okay folks, I had received a disc from "the society of Our Lady of Fatima".The disc that I received was poorly done as the sync of the voice and the video was off pretty badly. Here is the Youtube site for the same video I received. The quality is excellent and it is not too long. I dearly believe that all catholics should write to the Vatican and impress upon Pope Benedict XVI, that the consecrations of Russia to our blessed mother mary, "Queen of Heaven and Earth", was not done as Fatima Sr. Lucia, had related the message from Mary. The Pope was required to have all of the Bishops of the world with him as he performed the consecration, which none of the 7 Popes since the message was given has done. This consecration is needed more today than ever. I hope the message of this video will find its way into your hearts and souls, and to forward it on to all catholics. GOD Bless you All Dominus Vobiscum

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