Thursday, May 17, 2012


Frank, I had read that the last of the letters that were to be revealed to the world from Fatima, speaks of the Apostasy, that will take over the Catholic Church, and like a cancer, destroy our Church from within. It will take a very strong Pope, to reverse the cancer that is already entrenched in our church. Anthony can not understand why I speak out against Homosexuality, and he called me a Homophobe. The beginning of the eroding of the catholic church started in 1962 with Vatican Council II. Without any good reasoning they decided to reinterpret 2000 years of Catholic tradition, to what end? To gain more parishioners? The reverse has happened, and in the process, what was steadfast in our parishes, has been demeaned, and driven away. I wonder how long it will take them to decide to remove Jesus from the cross, like the Protestants? I fear that revelations is happening and no one realizes it, which will pave the way for the Anti-Christ to come along to save the world, and destroy souls. Unfortunately when I talk about this, good people do not want to hear it. Just think about the situation the world is in. Greek banks are beginning to fail, and the domino effect is probably in place. I had spent quite some time researching this in the bible, and various scholars understanding of what is to take place. "Only the Father knows the times of when these things are to happen", our Lord had said. HE had warned us to be vigilant and watch........etc. I know, they will probably say that I am a doomsayer, and I pray that I am so very, very, wrong. Mathew 24 talks about the times before Jesus returns, and the tribulation times of John's Revelation. If anyone get depressed over my speaking about this, please let me know and I will cease speaking about it, as we all have loving family about us young, and old, and it is not an easy thing to think about, and yet I see more and more, the signs that John had been speaking about. I have been praying that Pope Benedict XVI will follow the prescribed method of consecration of Russia, given by Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth, not as Pope John had done it, but with the correct number of Vatican Council members along with the Pope. I believe it to be imperative at this time, to reconsecrate Russia to Mary, the queen of heaven and earth. I believe the Church has taken the wrong path, as Jesus had warned about, not taking the wide gate that leads to "Perdition", but take the narrow gate that leads to Salvation. GOD have Mercy on us all, protect us and lead us to salvation. Dominus vobiscum Frank, you can leave a comment and I will read it , and answer you on "cutting of Pastor's roll call vindictive", as I really do not want "Itchy Watch" ranting against you. Your comments can not be seen by anyone but me. Dominus Vobiscum

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