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CCHD Show me the money!
Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and
exposed. I’m Michael Voris
So we’ve been talking this week and exposing the embarrassment that is the Catholic
Campaign for Human Development .. also known as the CCHD.
In a couple of weeks time .. generally the Sunday before Thanksgiving .. your gonna hear,
or read some syrupy warm and fuzzy appeal for your money to be used to fight poverty.
What you will not hear is that some of that money fuels groups directly opposed to
Catholic Church teaching that are heavily involved in promoting the Culture of Death.
Groups like .. Michigan Organizing Project or MOP. This group was given
$40,000 by the CCHD. Unfortunately the group also openly advocates for
homosexual rights and same sex marriage. Isn’t it nice to know that your r giving
money to help this group.
And as another example .. United Workers Association of Maryland … or
UWA. They were given $50,000 by the CCHD. Unfortunately … they are also
listed on Equality Maryland’s website as opposing any ban on same-sex
marriage. Another group any faithful Catholic would be ecstatic to support.
Now .. a heads up .. you will hear quite a number of voices telling you this information is
wrong .. or lies .. or uncharitable or whatever.
Watch our latest CIA episode – Catholic Investigative Agency: Social Injustice and make
up your own mind. The link is right on this page. Read the review of CCHD grantees by
a moral theologian Dr. William Marshner of Christendom College who quite flatly states
that this is formal cooperation with moral evil. That link is also here.
For whatever reason .. pride .. incompetence .. extreme incredible ignorance .. whatever ..
the lay staff at CCHD refuses to acknowledge these truths or even actually ADDRESS
them on their own merits.
These charges have been present for decades and every time they surface .. the CCHD
does nothing but just deny them and then hurl accusations at the messengers. Typical.
But it doesn’t change the fact that the charges are true and if you put money in the plate
when this comes collection comes around .. some of your money is going to groups that
DIRECTLY engage in evil.
Ah but wait .. there’s more ..(there’s always more).
In response to the investigations and research by others than their own staff .. the CCHD
was forced to stop giving money to a very small number of outfits.
According to the CCHD’s updated grants list for 2010-2011, Centro Campesino and
Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana both received half of the original grant because
the second half of the grant was cancelled.
The New York City AIDS Housing Network, which was recently declared ineligible for
future funding due to its participation in a condom distribution program, still received the FULL grant.
Fair enough. ONCE a moral problem was discovered .. future funding was cut off ..
The CCHD’s grant agreement says on page 5 under the section titled “Termination”..
“In the event of termination of this CCHD grant, USCCB shall provide Grantee written
notice of such termination and of the cancellation of any portions of the grant that remain to be paid.(That has been done.) USCCB may, in its discretion, require Grantee to refund to USCCB the full amount of the CCHD grant and to transfer title to
USCCB of any property purchased by the Grantee with CCHD grant funds.(emphasis added)
The CCHD has the right recall all granted money, even to the point of confiscating
property purchased with the CCHD grant. However, as of last week, there is no
indication that CCHD intends to demand Catholic money be restored.
How much are we talking about? All together .. these three groups got 60 thousand
dollars. Sure would be nice to demand that money back like the agreement THEY signed
says you can. 60K may not seem like a lot in relation to the millions that have been groups like this ..but you know what .. I can think of at least .. oh a hundred or so Crisis Pregnancy Centers that could use 60 thousand dollars and put it to good moral use.So .. by their own admission .. the CCHD has defunded groups because of moral violations .. has the right to demand the money back .. even the right to confiscate property worth an equal value .. but hasn’t lifted a finger as far as anyone can tell to get back YOUR MONEY and direct it toward a cause you were told it was going to in the first place.
Hey Social Justice crowd at the CCHD .. here’s a big shout to you all .. isn’t justice about giving to each according to his due. Catholics gave money for a specific purpose and it was spent on something they had no idea was going on. Get their money back for them. But what response do you get from the CCHD .. ah pish posh .. you mean ‘ol traditional minded Catholics .. stop being so uncharitable. In the meantime .. they take your money .. give it to pro-death groups .. deny it .. lie about it .. get caught .. THEN defund the groups .. and make no move to get the money back that they have every legal right to.
Do you REALLY want to give the CCHD another dime of your money. Watch this episode of CIA: Social Injustice .. and make up your own mind.
GOD Love You. I’m Michael Voris

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