Monday, October 10, 2011

Where OLLMP is Today

New missals coming to all catholic parishes.
The Vatican finally realize the damages done by
Progressive teachings, and misinterpretation of the
VCII attempts to "Modernize" the Catholic Church.Which is why the new Pastors actions, and apparent anger at the traditionalists at OLLMP has not worked, and he has driven away the core of the spirit of OLLMP. Does he realize the damage he as caused by his "run over" tactics? His lack of concern in the parish is astonishing since he is
the assigned Pastor of the Parish. I say "Assigned"
Pastor, since his actions have been nothing close to the actions of a true Pastor.A real shepherd should be doing everything for the benefiting of the parishes spiritual well being, and yes be willing to "lay down his life" for his sheep. Unfortunately, our "Pastor" appears more interested in his own TV and Radio Career, than the Parish. Christ's Charge to Peter by Raphael, 1515. In telling Peter to shepherd his sheep, Christ was appointing him as a pastor.In the New Testament, the Greek noun poimen and verb poimaino are usually translated shepherd or to shepherd. The two words are used most frequently referring to Jesus. For example, Jesus called himself the "Good Shepherd" in John 10:11. The same words are used in familiar Christmas story (Luke 2) referring to literal shepherds.
John 21:16 - Jesus told Peter: "Shepherd My sheep"
Acts 20:17 - the Apostle Paul summons the elders or presbyters of the church in Ephesus to give a last discourse to them; in the process, in Acts 20:28, he tells them that the Holy Spirit has made them bishops, and that their job is to shepherd the flock of God among them.
1 Corinthians 9:7 - Paul says, of himself and the apostles: "who tends a flock and does not use the milk of the flock"
Ephesians 4:11 - Paul wrote "And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers"
1 Peter 5:1-2 - Peter tells the elders among his readers that they are to, "shepherd the flock of God among you". In otherwords, to care for the flock entrusted to him. In my heart I now feel that did not have his heart set on this job, but feels that his calling is in the media, not tied to a parish. Why the Bishop and his committee did what they did to the Parish of OLLMP did not help our Parish, but instead divided the parish. Instead of building on the Catholic love that was already there, it was replaced with anger, hurt feelings, un-facultied priest, and a "I am in charge now, you do as you are told" attitude.
As a "Pastor" Msgr, you are a failure. Our prayers are still that Pope Benedict XVI, will examine all that is happening in the USA, as APOSTASY, has taken hold, and will sooner or later destroy any semblance of the Catholic church as it had started out as Jesus wanted it to be. Is it too late to reverse this trend? Only by prayers can this happen, and Almighty GOD's Mercy.

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