Friday, September 2, 2011

Apostasy at work, where are we heading?

Apostasy, the destroyer that is inundating the Catholic Church today. Since 1960 when the VCII and their change of the Mass by their new interpretation of the mass, and the movement away from the accepted liturgy, and the Latin mass, have degraded our religion, to conform to other religions, mainly Protestant. To have a priest, dressed up like a clown, to have dancers prancing around the altar, has degraded the sacred mass into a carnival, and Circus. When the tail(the people) starts wagging the dog(the Vatican), as the Jews did when Moses went up to the mount to receive the 10 commandments, and made the idols such as the golden calf, you know that we are heading toward destruction, and Apostacy has taken hold.The mass is the eucharistic celebration and always includes the proclamation of the Word of God, thanksgiving to God for all he gives us, and above all for the gift of his Son Jesus, the consecration of bread and wine, the receiving of the Lords Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.
Jesus Christ is present under the species of bread and wine, and who is offered in the Eurcharistic sacrifice. It is a celebration to be to be taken seriously, and to pay homage to our Lord, through whom we have been saved from eternal death.
Each religion, government, and system that allows apostacy to creep in, has been destroyed, through-out the ages. The more we feel we have progressed in our understanding and intelligence,
the more apostasy increases. why change the liturgy that has served our church so well , so many many years? Look around in the church, there is no more reverence at the mass. Has the modernization improved the mass? Has it made people more reverent to the sacrifice of Jesus?
Has it gained more respect for Jesus? An emphatic
NO is the answer. Respect has gone out the window,
and been replaced by self satisfaction, self
indulgence, and the quest for bigger and more.
I believe the return to the old liturgy may heal our church, and bring back respect, reverency, and love for God, Father ,Son, and Holy Spirit, and love for Jesus and his sacrifce to save us all.

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