Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bishop Dunne,Bishop Murphy,Msgr Lisante, fine speeches but their actions show how false they are!

What Nonsense wrote:

Glad to see the Holy Hour get canceled. One less bunch of extremist nonsense we have to worry about.
anonymous 2 wrote:
He so dumb as to believe he isn't being monitored???

Too bad you really do not understand what was posted foolish coward2. The meeting I had alluded to was between the vitriolic ranters with Nange4jpl as the arranger, and the Bishops office and supposedly the NCPD some months ago. After which nange4jpl,nomorekoolaide,and listeningln, ceased to post anymore.
But why should I bother trying to explain when twisting things around is what Liberals like yourself do time and time again.
Just like your phony MD and his attempt to sound real. It is the case of the Blind leading the Blind. The progressives in this parish appear to have the upper hand, as they are aligned with
Bishop Dunne and the changes they are making. What a shame, the
Bishop talked about being available for discussion, and when approached with anything contrary to the progressive ideas, with tongue in cheek, and not even bothering to look at the person talking, stated "That is not what I had heard" What a waste! The powers to be have already decided what course they are heading towards. Just like the request by 500 parishioners for a conservative Pastor to the Bishops committee, their minds are made up, and anyone who believes that they are being heard, and that common sense will prevail, are sadly mistaken. Their action of removing the M & M twins Fatima Holy Hour , and Anne Murphy's several decades of mass for the pro life vigil, by Msgr Lisante will not do much to enhance the growth of the parish, nor the increase in donations.That action belie his anti-abortion speeches.
The main reason was ,that Msgr Lisante did not want Fr Driscoll,
the author of the superb books For The Love of Mary ,and Defending The Papacy, from celebrating Mass. As the foolish, "know nothing" poster(what nonsense) had said "About time they canceled the Holy Hour. It was filled with people not from OLL parish ... the kind of religious kooks that you associate with, Itchy. One more piece of the extremist faction gone from OLL". That is an
indication of the kind of blind fools that you are.
I hope that this will be my last post answering your rants , as to try to convince you of the fallacy of your thoughts would be a waste of my time. I will continue to monitor the actions at OLL,
and pray that my predictions DO NOT COME TO PASS.
Yours in Jesus,

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