Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crooks and Thieves

Check this out, and who is going to pay for this on top of the Healthcare bill?????
Get this Email I just received:And this on top of the Healthcare bill they are trying to force through:
Martin Weiss

Blank checks to Fannie and Freddie at taxpayers' expense
have elevated Treasury Secretary Geithner to "Bailout
King." We must not bow down to decrees of this new king.
Details below. -- Martin


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the quasi-government entities that
were "rewarded" with $200 billion in bailout money for their
role in the greatest housing meltdown in our nation's history,
are now set to receive an "unlimited funds" bailout...

In a stealth move while nearly all of Washington was away,
Secretary Timothy Geithner lifted all caps on the Fannie
and Freddie bail-outs, and enacted what may turn out to be
one of the greatest taxpayer heists in history!

And to add insult to injury, the top executives of these
two entities will also receive $42 million in bonuses!

+ + How much is "Unlimited?"

itzik, this outrage and madness seems to know no bounds.
Geithner's bold move sidesteps government oversight, and
gives Fannie and Freddie an unbridled opportunity to write
themselves huge checks without prior approval of Congress.

Again, all at YOUR expense!

Where does the print-and-spend madness end?

It will only end if and when the investor-citizens rebel.

That's why I'm so grateful that you are already standing with
me and the Sound Dollar Committee to battle precisely this
kind of irresponsibility. With your help, we can begin to change
the reckless culture in Washington.

+ + Alert your friends

itzik, in the face of so many economic concerns, many
citizens and citizen investors behave like a deer caught in
the headlights of oncoming traffic. Too frightened to move.

These are the very citizens I'm counting on you to reach out to
in the days and weeks ahead -- alerting and steering them to
the Sound Dollar Committee.

Forward this message to 20-30 friends today, urging
them to take action with you by clicking here:

This latest revelation regarding Fannie and Freddie galvanizes
the need to quickly mobilize a powerful grassroots coalition
of citizen investors who are determined to put free-spending
politicians on notice and rescue the U.S. dollar.

Over the next 30 days, I'm counting on you to help me rally
an additional 20,000 citizen signers who are taking action!

Thank you in advance for taking action with me through the
Sound Dollar Committee.


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