Monday, September 21, 2009

Its time the USCCB start acting like Catholics

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Profiles in Personal Courage or....

Things that the USCCB should learn for $200 Alex

I think that it is high time that we all come to grips with the reality that the USCCB no longer serves the Holy Roman Catholic Church. There are far too many committees and such that allow most of our leadership to avoid personal responsibility and adherence to Mother Church.

Committees by nature are a cowards tool. Typically a committee is put together so that some idea, belief, or program can be pushed forward with anonymity. Every time I have been placed on a committee in my professional life we always knew the conclusion we were supposed to come to before we even discussed the topic. The USCCB is just one giant committee, allowing each cowardly member to support what they know is wrong, and provide the cover they need to say "look I am just one person what can I do." COWARDICE!

Vir Speluncae Catholicus is right, this is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. There is absolutely no way that any of these Bishops can support or keep quiet about what is going on in this country right now with health care, government ownership of private companies, making a grab for student loan market, and now the abandonment of Poland and other Eastern European nation states. This administration is clearly Communist, a form of government that is very hostile to the Catholic Church. Our leaders in the USCCB are so compromised from feeding at the trough of government, and very infiltrated by the communists themselves that they will not act as a group.

What is the solution? I am not certain, for one I would really like to see our Holy Father forcefully disband it. For all you nut jobs out there that say this would only make American Catholics abandon the Church I say, GOOD! Do so at your own peril. I hold out hope that many might see the right road if that happens. How many times do we have to be shown when the light shines the cockroaches flee! Just look what is happening to ACORN right now. All because two young people decided they were going to do something! Having a little personal courage.

Which brings up another embarrassing point, yes the USCCB has been involved with ACORN. Our donations to the Church have made it to this horrid organization. Have you heard any mea culpa's from any of those Catholic institutions? Nope. Any outrage over the willingness of ACORN to assist in the potential abuse of underage girls? Nope. Any dire warnings from Bishops around country that if anyone is caught having any connections with ACORN that it would be finito for that person regardless of the reason. Nope.

It takes personal courage to fight evil, and a whole lot of it. This personal courage cannot be garnered while hiding in a committee or a "Conference". I pray for the end of this organization and for the Holy Father to force these men to take up their mantle independently so we can all see who and what they are then offer our support to those that fight for Mother Church, and then give the rest a swift kick in the butt to get their courage together and fight with us!

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