Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This was posted to me on my other blog:

FM: Elena, June 1,2009:

Good luck. I am truly sorry for you because he will not return any phone calls to parishioners. I was very disappointed in him as a person as well as a clergy. Msgr. James Lisante was appointed pastor of our parish 10 years ago. When he came back he appointed many of the people he went to grade school with ,to positions within the church and school.
He was hardly around, always doing something else (on his book tours, tv show)I was a little shocked with his behavior considering that he grew up in the neighborhood and went to that school. He does not look out for his congregation, he protects his cronies that he placed into positions.
One family went to him because their children were coming home with bruises and being verbally and physically abused from other students at the school ,and the principal and staff were presnt on some instances ,and did nothing to help the children or stop it. Lisante and his staff of cronies would not do their jobs. The family contacted his office and they were told it is not a matter for the monsignior. He did not get back to them, so they persued it and hired a lawyer to look into the matter. The DRVC got involved and Lisante left for OLL less than 4 months later.

So there wasn't a complete love affair with the parishioners of St Thomas, and Msgr LISANTE.

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