Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fr Nicholas Gruner

Now, as I have said, there are Cardinals and other Churchmen in the Vatican and their supporters throughout the world who have a vested interest in seeing that the Consecration of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart to Russia, and not the world, is never done, whatever their individual motives. Socci sees clearly now, without any doubt that the Consecration has not been done as specifically requested by Our Lady. As has Father Nicholas Gruner who is a thorn, the thorn, in their side, so he must be excised by whatever means and relentlessly so. Thus we have the cleverly devised straw man of Father Gruner, who willingly sacrifices himself to be Our Lady's champion as many a Saint and Martyr have and will continue to do until the end of time. His only "crime", that of upholding the rights of God as expressed through Our Lady of Fatima, the Mother of God. The penalty for the crime? An impossible web of intrigue by which he is placed in a special form of double jeopardy, whichever way he answers to these unfaithful prelates, he "is damned". Either find another bishop or else. But the route to finding another bishop to incardinate him has been sealed so that it is impossible at present. Heads, the unfaithful prelates win, tails, Father Gruner loses. Only Satan, the Father of Lies and the infernal enemy of Our Lady is ultimately capable of directing anything this diabolical.

And so, this little housewife in a backwater section of a small rural town in Maine writes an article here and there coming to the defense of Father Nicholas, that is, in reality, in defense of the Mother of God, and therefore the web site she has devoted her end life to is "suspect". Does this discourage me? Dissuade me from my course? Anything but!

I take my cues from Father Gruner, a wholly holy priest, a latter day St. John the Baptist, considered an object of curiosity, an oddity, to those who are of this world, one who must be dealt with because the truth is too hard to bear for those with guilt in this matter; an "angel" of sorts, like St. Michael the Archangel, who leads Our Lady's legions against the powers of Hell, the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, an invincible weapon against the gates of Hell; Our Lady is Satan's implacable foe according to Genesis and the Apocaplyse, the beginning and the end of the battle, so to speak; Father Gruner can be likened unto St. Joseph, Our Lady's guardian companion, humbly searching for a "room in the inn"; and he can be said to be like St. Paul, not counting the cost, being all things for the salvation of others, "running the course" unto the finish. Being all things for Father Gruner means taking on all manner of aspersions, calumny, and mockery, not caring about himself, so that Our Lady is served as she ought to be. He champions her, I champion him. Rather than be disheartened by scorn or simple misunderstanding in these tumultuous times, I am so very greatly honored, beyond words to tell and beyond my merit.

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