Sunday, May 3, 2015


I had held back from posting this,but feel the time is short and I must advise anyone and everyone of what I believe is happening in our time right now.Please pray that St Malachy's prediction is not about to to take place, but I believe that everything is in place since the Apostasy that the Holy Mother Mary had warned us about, including the need to concentrate the Country of Russia in her name by the Pope. The past 3 Pope's have failed to do this, and we will shortly be reaping the rewards of not heeding her warnings. Just if even out of curiosity , watch this short presentation of St. Malachy's prediction, and if you agree, then start praying and ask every other christian to start praying that Almighty GOD will stay his hand from this occurring, as he has in the past (Nineveh) not destroyed the people and gave us a chance to repent from our sins and ask for his forgiveness. Dominus Vobiscum.

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