Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where is the Bishop while this is happening?

While their diocese in St. Paul Minneapolis is being destroyed, and this is happening all over the USA. Where is the accountability to the USCCB? Is there any? Or can Priest, PASTORS, and Deacons follow the sheep instead of being shepherds and leading the sheep as Jesus wanted? Watch this, and now you will see why our Catholic Church is falling apart . *Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Contact Information: Father Michael Tegeder's regular Transubstantiation of the Blessed Earthen Rock Ceremony done as a part of the Roman Catholic Mass of all time that is done on a regular basis in Minneapolis Minnesota as part of the Native American Pagan Esoteric Mass Ceremony to Honor Holy Mother Earth. "In this video, a priest and deacon in good standing with the Archdiocese, engage in occult pagan rituals. The rocks here being blessed by Deacon Joseph Damiani and Father Michael Tegeder...They are said to be the bones of the "Earth Mother" and are heated up by fire for the use in sweat lodges and accompanying spirit journeys."

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