Saturday, March 8, 2014


The following is from another blog site that I post on. The person that they are trying to demean and call names and tittle, is an Accomplished Dr of Theology, Dr Thomas A Droleskey. Notice how they try to come off as being good Catholics, and are instead the opposite. Here then is their post and my reply: [QUOTE who="Jorge the Thief"]Droleskey is a Sedevacantist. His views of the Holy Father are non-Catholic therefore I wouldn't pay any attention to him. Same as I would ignore a Protestant's views. The Pope is still the Pope validly elected and occupies the Chair of Peter, regardless of how scandalous or silly he's acted. Worthy of our prayers as well as our criticism. Pray for him and our Church during this most difficult time. Et Cum Spiritu Tuo.[/QUOTE] [My reply} Too Bad you feel that way, he has and always will be a Devoted Catholic. Do you agree with the actions of Pope's JPII, Benedict XVI, and any Pope sitting and listening to a Voodoo Witch Doctor chanting incantations to his Godly spirits, or to be in a Synagogue and listen to a Rabbi spout out that Christ was not the Messiah ? Do you really believe that the Protestantization of the Catholic faith is good for the Catholic Church. Do you believe that the Holy Mass is a symbolic gesture and not Christ dying for us at each Mass,,and that the Catholic Priests are the only Priests empowered to change the Bread and Wine to the Body, Blood, and Divinity of Jesus Christ? Then you are nothing more than Protestants, and should be blogging on a Protestant blog,where you can spew your anti-catholic rhetoric. I was a Protestant for 5-6 Years and you fit the bill 100%. Your type of "Catholic", is one that does not believe in confession,,does not believe that missing a mass is a sin,, attends mass 4 times a year,, and believes in general confessions where you confess your sins to GOD, and the whole church goes up and received communion. It is the actions of a Pope, that define his being. Every since the second Vatican Council, ( whence the term Sedevacantist began You and Liberal fools have thrown around these terms without any idea of the beliefs of the persons you have used this term on.) Sedevacantism owes its origins to the rejection of the theological and disciplinary changes implemented following the Second Vatican Council (1962–65).[6] Sedevacantists reject this Council, on the basis of its documents on ecumenism and religious liberty, among others, which they see as contradicting the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church and as denying the unique mission of Catholicism as the one true religion, outside of which there is no salvation.. You and your ilk would be better placed in the Church of England, (Episcopalian) than in the Catholic Church. I believe that some(not all) Bishops have become administrators of money,rather than Shepherds, caring and leading the flock through the narrow gate that leads to salvation and heaven. Have you read your Bible lately? Have you ever read Revelations? Do you even own a Bible? I guess you would term Michael Voris as being a Sedevacantist. Do you even know who he is? Have you ever gone on Youtube and listen to the "Vortex"? Do you believe that woman should be allowed to be Priests? Do you believe that Homosexual activity is not a sin? I had an Eucharistic Minister post here that he did not believe that the Catholic church should tell a woman what to do with her body,re: Abortion. Do not waste my time here, I have 7 other blogs that I handle, and I will be posting your posts there, along with my post . Try and read what Mary had said about Apostasy, and consecrating Russia in her appearance at Fatima. And if you believe you are still a 'PRACTICING CATHOLIC", GO TO CONFESSION!" Dominus Vobiscum

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