Monday, January 27, 2014


WHERETHE BISHOPS ;ARE FAILING IN THEIR JOBS. Listen to the catholic youth answer the question " Do you believe the catholic faith is superior to other religions". Their answer was "NO". What religion was taught to them? They are denying the faith of Jesus christ. I was running around as a Protestant because I was not taught the truth, nor knew my own catholic faith. I was fortunate enough to want to learn,and searching around for 5-6 years, I finally realized that all other religions were either copies (protestants) of the one .holy, catholic, apostolic, church, or non believers in Jesus Christ. NO OTHER RELIGION HAS BEEN GIVEN THE POWER TO CHANGE THE HOST TO THE BODY, OF JESUS,AND THE WINE TO THE BLOOD OF JESUS, DYING ONCE MORE AT EVERY MASS TO SAVE YOU AND I. In this segment Mochael Voris shows where liberalism in the church is leading our church into Protestanism, and allowing the apostasy to erode our catholic church. If any of you young people have the stomach to listen, you will learn what your Catholic faith is about.

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